Yours, Faithfully by Sheila O’Flanagan


Waterstones Synopsis:

Iona’s not pregnant. It’s a blow, but she knows that when husband Frank gets home he’ll reassure her that their dream of a family together will come true. Sally, on the other hand, has just discovered that she’s very much pregnant. Which is quite a surprise, with her only child now a seventeen-year-old. And Sally’s not sure how her husband’s going to feel about it, when he gets home. Except Frank’s not going to get home – to either of his wives. Frank’s bigamy of several years is about to be exposed, because Frank was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now his wives are going to meet in the hospital where he lies in a coma. And everything is about to change for all of them…

I was surprised to enjoy this book as much as I did. At first the story seemed familiar to me but as it unfolded that feeling changed. The book follows Iona and Sally – two different women but who share the same husband – Frank. He is using a bathroom in a pub when the wall collapses and he is seriously injured. The result is that he is left in a coma for months – leaving Sally and Iona to discover the truth.

This is a big book – over 600 pages; but the story flew off the page. I loved the characters and the story had a great plot. This is chick-lit but of the highest quality. There is a bit of crime, there is anger and hate, and of course love, friendship and resolutions. I liked both Sally and Iona, although at the beginning found myself siding with Sally. I felt real empathy at the their situation – not one I would like to experience. I liked how their characters developed and the relationship they were forced to make.

From a medical and lawful point of view I felt this was very well dealt with. Siobhan, the police officer was a lovely character; and bigamy being a crime I think O’Flanagan was realistic in her approach. As for the coma, I felt that this was explored well. The emotions of the family seemed realistic and O’Flanagan also wrote what was going on in Frank’s mind, which was very interesting.

I think the ending was a bit of a cop-out to be honest. It was an easy way to finish the story, and this let the book down a bit. However, the rest of the story was great and I really enjoyed it.


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