You Are Loved – Author Unknown


Addition: Review e-book from Netgalley

Genre: Gift Book

Rating: 4 out 5


Is there any greater gift than knowing you are loved?

Through quotes and Scriptures, You Are Loved explores the unfathomable love of God and the beauty of human love when it is modeled after the Creator’s. Each page will touch the hearts of the recipients with the assurance that they indeed are cherished—during the pleasant times and the difficult times.

Share the sentiment that “The one who is filled with love is filled with God Himself.” Or realize the depths of God’s love with such verses as 1 John 3:1: “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!” (NKJV)  The book’s clean and classic design lends itself to being a part of the décor as a daily reminder of a loved one’s affections.

This is a small, beautifully put together gift book that I think will encourage and uplift others. It is 64 pages long and full of quotes about love. There are quotes from the Bible, quotes from famous Christians and quotes from anonymous sources.

I received this as a review book from NetGalley. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I clicked on it, but I was drawn by the title because one of the things I want to grow in personally is God’s love, and I enjoy reading and learning about it, as well as experiencing it. The version I received as a review book I downloaded to my Kindle, but to be honest this doesn’t work as a Kindle book. The quotes are on beautiful backgrounds which just get lost on the Kindle. I read this on my computer and visually it was much more pleasing.

I enjoyed this little book. At first I thought, what is this going to be like? But as I kept reading the quotes I felt encouraged and I could think of others who would like and appreciate this little nugget of truth. I think this would make a lovely gift and I think this will really bless many people.

3 thoughts on “You Are Loved – Author Unknown”

  1. This sounds lovely. I remember someone telling me once that if God had a refrigerator our picture would be on it.

  2. This sounds very uplifting. Just reading your review put a smile on my face – God and Love – what else is there?

    Thank you for the review.

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