Tuesday’s Library Visit!


Yes, it is true, I went to the library AGAIN this week! I just love it there….!

So here is what I took out this time:

Tracy Chevalier: Remarkable Creatures – historical fiction 🙂
Lynsay Sands: Bites – vampire thriller 🙂
Eshkol Nevo: World Cup Wishes – contemporary fiction 🙂

So now my shelf looks like this: (although two books are missing)

I think I’m in love

Anyway, I have finished The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, so that is in a bag ready to go back to the library and my book for the lounge (yes I have different books in different rooms!) is now True Believer by Nicholas Sparks:

Go on, back your local library!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Library Visit!”

  1. Your shelf looks like it’s bowing in the middle under the weight of all those books!

  2. D’oh – what I actually came here to say is that I like your new layout – very pretty. 🙂

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