The Revenge of the Wedding Planner by Sharon Owens



Mags and Julie are partners at Dream Weddings, catering for the over-the-top and sometimes downright bizarre requirements of Belfast’s brides and grooms to be. They rub along well but are as different as chalk and cheese. Mags is married to the love of her life, has four kids and a complicated extended family. Julie is impossibly glamorous, and doesn’t remotely believe in love or marriage.

When Julie embarks on a life crisis, running away from her live-in lover and throwing herself in to a hair-raisingly sexy fling with Jay, it is Mags who is left to pick up the pieces.

When Julie eventually comes back, she brings Jay with her, and that is where the real trouble starts. Add to the mix Dream Weddings’ most high-profile celebrity clients yet, and the biggest, most ambitious wedding they have ever organised, and the fireworks really begin

This is the second Sharon Owen novel I have read and like The Teahouse on Mulberry Street, I enjoyed it and thought it was an OK chick-lit book. The narrator is Mags – a woman who is happily married, a goth and an assistant wedding planner. Her associate/manager is Julie, who seems to be having a mid-life crisis. Although this takes her to South Ireland where she forgets about her boyfriend and hooks up with a worker at the spa. From there, she starts to lead a double-life, leaving Mags to do most of the work in regards to a crazy celebrity wedding.

This is your basic chick-lit novel. There is romance, a bit of a crisis and friendship. That said, this was a pleasant read. I found myself cringing in places, especially in regards to the weird vampire-like wedding at the end. The story was fairly predictable but that didn’t ruin the read. If you like a quick, easy read this is for you.

I liked Mags however. She was a touch eccentric and I loved the idea of her with blue hair! She looked out for Julie and was happy in her marriage, which was a pleasant thing to read. Her husband was great too – very sensible and loving. I was indifferent to Julie, she seemed to go off the rails and act like a teenager. What I liked was reading what Mags thought about the events, as opposed to reading about Julie herself.

This is easy reading, a fun, quick read if you like chick-lit.

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