The Prophetess by Wendy Virgo


This novel is the re-telling of the prophetess Deborah, who is the fourth prophet in the book of Judges in the Bible. She features in from chapter 4 to chapter 6 of Judges.

Deborah is a Jew who is living in a time where God is forgotten. She hasn’t forgotten Him though and often sits under a palm tree praying and listening to God. She hears from Him that it is time to go to war, and she takes this to Barak, leader of the army. With God on their side they defeat their oppressors and the Jews move back into relationship with God.

Wendy will be the first to say that she used creative license although she did base this on the account in Judges. She writes great stories and great books. Deborah is portrayed as a real woman who I could easily empathise with. She faces many challenges, such as losing her husband. It is a good story for Christian women: it shows that women can get close to God and have important roles to play. The message is that women are just as important as men, they just have a different role.

This was an easy read. I was gripped and wanted to keep reading. Virgo writes really well and I find her books really readable and well worth my time.

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