The Comfort of a Good Book


E-books or physical books? An electronic reader or a physical book? These are the debates raging in the literary world. For me, I like both e-books and physical books, although in my opinion nothing will ever beat holding a book, smelling the pages and turning the pages. I don’t have an electronic reader although I do read e-books. For comfort reasons I prefer the physical book because I like curling up on the sofa with my book – far more comfortable than my computer chair! The other problem with e-books is having the stare at a computer screen for ages to read them. I don’t mind this much, as at work I spend my time staring at screens, but sometimes a break for my eyes and head would be nice!

I love a good book, I love reading on the sofa and I hope physical books stay around for a long, long time.

Another opinion can be found HERE.

What is your view? E-book or physical book?

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