The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett


Synopsis from Amazon:

It is fantasy? No – it’s a different and more eccentric reality, where the world is flat and moves through space on the back of a giant turtle, Death stalks glumly about his duties, and dragons only exist if you believe in them. And your luggage follows you around on hundreds of little legs…

Follow Twoflower the naïve tourist and his inept guide Rincewind in their hilarious search for thrills, adventure and opportunities to not get killed. Follow them all the way to the Edge – and beyond…

This is the first Pratchett novel I have read, and I am glad I did, what a funny book!

Pratchett leads us through a fantastical world filled with gods, dragons, trolls and the like. This book was not a disappointment. Everything was described in such a way that it was easy to imagine and be transported there.

I loved Twoflower, I found his character hilarious. Pretty much all he did and said was funny. My other favourite character was Death. He had some great one-liners.

My only problem with the book was there were so many events and adventures and characters I slowly forgot who was who and what had happened before. However, this didn’t really spoil the story for me.

The end is nicely set up for the next in the series, and I am looking forward to carrying on the adventure 🙂


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