Take One by Karen Kingsbury



Addition: Paperback, borrowed from a friend

Genre: Christian fiction, chick-lit

Rating: 4 out of 5


In the high-powered world of filmmaking, two unknown producers struggle to make a name for themselves. With millions of investors’ dollars on the line, they wonder if it’s possible to beat the odds and make a movie unlike anything ever done before.

This is the first Karen Kingsbury novel I have read – this series, The Above The Line Series was recommened to me by my lovely manager at work, and I really enjoyed the first book!

The story follows Chase and Keith – two friends who used to be missionaries, who have decided to try their hand at film making. They have to trust God completely for all the funds, for actors who will work well and respect their beliefs, and for the film to be a success and even make them some money. They face all sorts of challenges – from actors walking off set because Chase and Keith are Christians, to the food van burning down. The whole event tests their faith and the strength of friends and family to help them through. We are also introduced to Andi and Bailey in this book. Andi is Keith’s daughter who has just started university and Bailey is her roommate. We follow them also, as Andi struggles with the temptations of uni life – alcohol and boys; while Bailey struggles with her feelings for Cody – the guy she has loved for a long time but after he arrived back from Iraq told her to date Tim – and Tim, who she is dating. Is he more interested in New York and pursuing acting then he is in her?

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book. I was hooked from the first page and it took me a matter of hours to read this book. This is a well written novel that has a gripping storyline. I liked the characters and I found Kingsley wrote in a way that was engaging. The book features many characters but each chapter changed the focus of the story and followed a different character. I liked that Kingsley did that – I felt I got to know all the characters well this way.

I enjoy a book much more if I like the characters and I liked all of them in this book. I liked Keith and Chase and how they were pursuing their dream – and what they believed God told them to do. I liked how they kept each other strong and how they fought for each in prayer. I liked the girls as well – Andi and Bailey. I liked how they developed a good friendship and it was enjoyable reading about them.

I felt Kingsley wrote really well and presented her characters will real situations. Andi facing temptations such as alcohol is a real problem for teenagers and I think Kingsley deals with this in a brilliant way. She doesn’t duck away from the issue – she lets Andi discover alcohol and the consequences that come along with it. Kingsley is real and honest and very readable. She writes some great characters – a whole range of them that I loved – and she wrote storylines that were realistic and I could empathise with.

This was a brilliant read. I am glad I have been introduced to Karen Kingsley and this series – I will be reading it all! This is definitely well worth reading – whether you are a Christian or not!

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