Stick or Twist by Eleanor Moran



Synopsis from Google Books:

Name: Anna Christie
Age: Very, very early thirties
Marital status: Living with boyfriend
Sex: It’s been a while. Maybe six weeks?
Career: Crafting sparkling features for magazine Casual Chic such as ‘Man Boobs: Why No Marriage is Safe’
Current dilemma: What to do when your much loved boyfriend of ten years gets down on one knee and pops the question you’ve been secretly dreading?
Options: Stick – say yes, jump on the marriage bandwagon, accept that babies are now standard issue and always wonder if the grass is greener …
OR Twist – walk away, move onto your best friend’s sofa, pine for your ex but perk up once sexy and seemingly perfect Harry comes breezing into your life…
Hilarious, romantic and painfully honest, Stick or Twist proves that sometimes the most unlikely man turns out to be the One.

This is Eleanor Moran’s first novel, where she introduces us to Anna, a commitment-phobe 30-something, who runs when her boyfriend of 10 years proposes to her. She thinks she is clean and dry until her magazine asks her to prepare a piece on weddings. She is thrown into the deep end, planning a glitzy event, meeting couples about to tie the knot, and attempting to stay ahead of her colleague, who is all about marriage and babies. Through this event she meets Harry, a gorgeous photographer, several years her junior and tries a relationship with him while she attempts to piece her life together. However, she has told one-too-many lies and they all come out at once, leaving her once again scrabbling to pick up the pieces. She forms unlikely friendships and finds love with an unlikely soul…

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy this book. It was just mediocre chick-lit. It wasn’t particularly grabbing and fairly predictible. There wasn’t anything original or outstanding about the storyline, it was just another bog-standard female fiction book.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the characters. None of them held my interest, least of all Anna, who was just a compulsive liar. I didn’t really feel sympathy for her. In fact I didn’t feel sympathy for any of the characters.

I was glad when I had finished the book, purely because it was over. There really wasn’t anything special about the book, which is a shame. Although not a dire book, it just didn’t jump out and hold my attention.


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