Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes by Larry Peterson


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Genre: Children’s

Rating: 4/5


Willie Wiggles hates his slippery feet. He just slips, slides and spins all over the place. But what he hates even more are the special shoes that have been made for him that will help him to walk just like all the other kids. Willie thinks that they are the “stupidest, ugliest shoes in the whole world.”

Discover how sometimes we worry about things about ourselves when actually there is nothing to worry about in the first place.

This is a story about Slippery Willie – the boy who slips and slides everywhere. In an effort to prevent this, his Mum buys him very secure shoes. Willie, however, thinks the shoes look ridiculous and doesn’t want to wear them. He gets so upset about the shoes that he has a nightmare that everyone, including planes overhead and buildings are laughing at him. All is resolved once he wakes up and speaks with his Mum.

This book is only 24 pages long, and is fully illustrated. As an adult, I enjoyed the book, and could even relate to the worrying! This was a fun book that children will engage with. The story is simple but teaches how worrying about something achieves nothing but makes you sad and scared.

I thought the illustrations were lovely. They didn’t dominate the story but they added to the story. They added an element of humour to the book too:

The only problem I had with this book was the constant use of the word “stupid”. I felt that was unnecessary and I’m not sure I would want my child speaking like that. Other than that, this was an enjoyable book that I think children will have fun reading and laughing along with.

3 thoughts on “Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes by Larry Peterson”

  1. Thanks Katie for the great review! I agree – it is easy to relate to Slippery Willie and his worrying, isn’t it? We appreciate your support and for helping us to spread the word about Larry’s book.

  2. Hi Katie–just want to say THANK YOU for the great review and I am so glad you enjoyed the story. I really appreciate the time and effort on your part and want you to know that it means a lot to me. Thanks again
    Best wishes,
    Larry Peterson

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