Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll


What a brilliant, historical fiction novel! Set is 1922, Carroll takes us on a journey from London to Egypt, to break the curse of King Tut himself.

I loved this novel from the first page, and read over 200 pages in one sitting. I loved the characters. This is a book aimed at older children, so the main characters are children but they were easily relatable and I was cheering for them the whole way through. Watching friendships develop, families grow and develop, plus get taken on a great historical trip was so good.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I forgot that it was written for young people. The writing draws you in and the storyline keeps you hooked.

I loved that we jumped from 1922 back 3000 years to Kyky and his friends, and how Carroll entwined the two eras and stories.

The story is full of adventure. The children are fearless, fighting for the right cause. This was an easy and enjoyable read.

This is my favourite Emma Carroll book so far, but I have enjoyed all of them that I have read. I am really pleased I grabbed this book from the library when I spotted it on the trolley. Easy to give this too marks, brilliant novel.

5 out of 5

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