Recommended Authors: Wendy Virgo


This is a new feature I will regularly do on my blog.

The author I am recommending is:

Wendy Virgo

Wendy is a gifted writer, a great theologian and a wonderful teacher. She has written many books over the years, most of which I have had the pleasure of reading. And yes, even though her books are full of Biblical truths, they are pleasurable reading. Her writing takes on many shapes: in books such as The Prophetess she is simply interpreting the Bible story of Deborah and retelling events in her own words; and yet Life Issues looks at Titus 2: 2-5 and examines how this passage of the Bible can practically help women today.

I never have a bad word to say about Wendy’s writing. She is easy to follow and understand, and she is engaging and interesting. I love reading her books and cannot wait until I pick up another by her. Her book Mary: The Mother of Jesus was the first theology book I read, at the mere age of 15 and loved it. She is an author I seek out and hope that she writes more! Her books are also books that I would happily read again because I have found her teaching so helpful to my walk with God. I don’t think I can recommend her highly enough – especially as I know she is a humble, loving person as well. If you can, investigate her books, and read them!

These are all the books she has written (links will take you to my review):

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