Past Reading!


Total: 73

1. Sophie Kinsella: Six Geese A-Laying (1st Jan) 3/5free Amazon e-book
2. Tracy Marchini: Effie at the Wedding (1st Jan) 3/5free Amazon e-book
3. Katie Fforde: A Perfect Proposal (2nd Jan) 4/5Kindle edition
4. Jill Mansell: To The Moon and Back (8th Jan) 4/5Kindle edition
5. Cecelia Ahern: The Girl in the Mirror (14th Jan) 2/5Library book
6. Amanda Hocking: Switched (22nd Jan) 4/5Review book, paperback
7. Author Unknown: You Are Loved (24th Jan) 4/5Review book, Netgalley e-book
8. Max Lucado: This is Love (28th Jan) 4/5Review book, Netgalley e-book

9. Katie Fforde: The Undercover Cook (4th Feb) 3/5Kindle edition
10. George Elliott: Silas Marner (6th Feb) 3/5Classic, Kindle edition
11. Kristin Alexandre: Nuncio and The Gypsy Girl (6th Feb) 2/5Review, e-book
12. Terry Pratchett: Snuff (8th Feb) 4/5Audiobook
13. F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (9th Feb) 3/5E-book
14. Mikkel Birkegaard: The Library of Shadows (12th Feb) 4/5Paperback
15. Michael Morpurgo: War Horse (25th Feb) 4/5Paperback
16. Karen Kingsbury: Take One (26th Feb) 4/5Paperback

17. Amanda Hocking: Torn (4th March) 4/5 – Review book, paperback
18. Karen Kingsbury: Take Two (9th March) 4/5Paperback
19. Marilee Brothers: Moonstone (16th March) 3/5Review book, Netgalley e-book
20. Shannon Greenland: The Summer My Life Began (18th March) 3/5 Review book, Netgalley e-book
21. Natalie Kath: The Summer I Lost It (22nd March) 3/5Review book, Netgalley e-book
22. Marliee Brothers: Moon Rise (23rd March) 4/5Review book, Netgalley e-book
23. Karen Kingsbury: Take Three (25th March) 4/5Paperback

24. Jill Mansell: An Offer You Can’t Refuse (1st April) 3/5Paperback
25. Christina Lamb: The Africa House (12th April) 2/5Paperback, book club read
26. Sue Miller: The Senator’s Wife (14th April) 3/5Paperback
27. Billy Graham: The Heaven Answer Book (15th April) 3/5Review book, Netgalley e-book
28. Stormie Omartian: The Power of a Praying Wife (18th April) 4/5Review book, Netgalley e-book
26. Melissa C. Walker: Unbreak My Heart (30th April) 4/5Review book, Netgalley e-book

30. Kristina McBride: One Moment (4th May) 4/5Review book, Netgalley e-book
31. Rosy Thornton: The Tapestry of Love (5th May) 3/5Review book, paperback
32. Michael Morpurgo: Farm Boy (16th May) 4/5Paperback
33. Michael Morpurgo: The Dancing Bear (17th May) 3/5Paperback
34. Kathryn Stockett: The Help (20th May) 5/5Paperback
35. Amanda Hocking: Ascend (21st May) 3/5Library book
36. Lucy Diamond: The Beach Cafe (25th May) 4/5Library book
37. Richard Bach: Jonathon Livingston Seagull (26th May) strongPaperback, book club read

38. Jonathan Prime: Opening Up Ruth (2nd June) 4 out of 5Christian, e-book
39. Rachel Hore: The Dream House (7th June) 4 out of 5Paperback
40. Jenny Downham: Before I Die (8th June) 3 out of 5Paperback
41. Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Runner (17th June) 3 out of 5Paperback
42. Karen Kingsbury: Take Four (21st June) 3 out of 5Paperback
43. Jenny Colgan: Welcome to Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop of Dreams (23rd June) 4 out of 5Library book

44. Lucinda Riley: The Girl on the Cliff (1st July) 4 out of 5Library book
45. Enid Blyton: The First Term at Malory Towers (11th July) 4 out of 5Paperback
46. Gregory Maguire: Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (23rd July) 3 out of 5Paperback, book club read
47. Amelia Carr: A Song at Sunset (29th July) 4 out of 5Library book
48. Eliza Graham: Jubilee (31st July) 4 out of 5Library book

49. Jodi Picoult: Handle With Care (5th August) 4 out of 5Paperback, book club read
50. Debbie Macomber: Summer in Orchard Valley (12th August) 4 out of 5Library bookTARGET REACHED!!!!
51. Victoria Hislop: The Thread (19th August) 3 out of 5Library book
52. Allan Jones: Codename Quicksilver (19th August) 3 out of 5Review book, paperback
53. Harper Lee: To Kill a Mockingbird (24th August) 5 out of 5Paperback, book club read
54. Veronica Roth: Divergent (26th August) 4 out of 5Paperback, book club read
55. Karen Kingsbury: The Bridge (26th August) 4 out of 5Review book, Netgalley e-book
56. Enid Blyton: Second Form at Malory Towers (27th August) 4 out of 5Paperback

57. Mitch Albom: The Time Keeper (1st September) 3 out of 5Review book, Netgalley e-book
58. Veronica Roth: Insurgent (2nd September) 4 out of 5Paperback, book club read
59. Karen Kingsbury: Oceans Apart (11th September) 3 out of 5Paperback
60. Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games (17th September) 4 out of 5E-book
61. Katy Hollway: The Times of Kerim (22nd September) 4 out of 4Review book, paperback
62. Enid Blyton: Third Term at Malory Towers (23rd September) 4 out of 5Paperback
63. Suzanne Collins: Catching Fire (29th September) 4 out of 5Paperback
64. John Steinback: Of Mice and Men (29th September) 3 out of 5Paperback

65. Suzanne Collins: Mockingjay (1st October) 4 out of 5Paperback
66. Richard Castle: Heatwave (8th October) 4 out of 5E-book

67. Sarah Dessen: What Happened To Goodbye? (11th November) 4 out of 5E-book
68. Philippa Pearce: Tom’s Midnight Garden (18th November) 5 out of 5Paperback
69. Eric Wilson: Facing the Giants (25th November) 3 out of 5Paperback

70. Enid Blyton: Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (17th December) 4 out of 5Paperback
71. Katie Fforde: Summer of Love (17th December) 4 out of 5Paperback
72. Jill Mansell: Mixed Doubles (24th December) 3 out of 5Paperback
73. Nicholas Sparks: The Lucky One (27th December) 4 out of 5Paperback

Unfinished Books:
– Sarah Winmam: When God Was a Rabbit (March)
– Richard Segal: Cookbook for a New Europe (April)
– Freya North: Rumour Has It (August)


Total: 57

1. Jill Mansell: Take A Chance On Me (1st Jan) 4/5
2. J. J. Johnson: This Girl is Different (10th Jan) 4/5
3. Elizabeth Noble: The Way We Were (24th Jan) 4/5
4. Sophie Kinsella: Remember Me? (28th Jan) 3/5
5. Larry Peterson: Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes (28th Jan) 4/5
6. Debbie Macomber: Knitting Diaries (29th Jan) 4/5

7. Rachel Hore: A Place of Secrets (10th Feb) 4/5
8. Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont: Beauty and the Beast (11th Feb) 4/5
9. Debbie Macomber: Marriage of Inconvenience (12th Feb) 3/5
10. Louis Sachar: Holes (20th Feb) 4/5
11. A. A. Milne: When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six (24th Feb) 4/5
12. Kristan Higgans: My One and Only (27th Feb) 3/5

13. Audrey Penn: The Kissing Hand (23rd March) 4/5
14. Audrey Penn: A Pocket Full of Kisses (23rd March) 4/5
15. Audrey Penn: A Kiss Goodbye (23rd March) 4/5
16. Audrey Penn: A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Racoon (23rd March) 3/5
17. Terry Pratchett: Making Money (26th March) 4/5
18. Deborah Bruss: Big Box for Ben (28th March) 4/5
19. Paul Cotes: Tim and the Iceberg (28th March) 3/5
20. E. D. Walker: The Beauty’s Beast (29th March) 4/5
21. Audrey Penn Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully (29th March) 4/5
22. Ginger Churchill: Wild Rose’s Weaving (29th March) 3/5

23. Jackie Morse Kessler: Rage (2nd April) 4/5
24. Debbie Macomber: Stand-in Wife (13th April) 3/5
25. Danny Scheinmann: Random Acts of Heroic Love (20th April) 3/5
26. Harlon Coben: The Woods (30th April) 5/5

27. Jane Green: The Love Verb (3rd May) 4/5
28. Anita Shreve: A Change in Altitude (11th May) 3/5
29. Katie Fford: Love Letters (14th May) 4/5
30. Neil Gaiman: Coraline (18th May) 4/5
31. Michelle Gayle: Pride and Premiership (20th May) 3/5
32. Debbie Macomber: Hannah’s List (22nd May) 4/5
33. Alan Parry: Look For The Rainbow (28th May) 4/5
34. Chelsy Day & Pepper O’Neal: Love Transposed (30th May) 3/5

35. Debbie Macomber: Turn in the Road (5th June) 4/5
36. Noel Piper: Most of all Jesus Loves You (10th June) 4/5
37: Linda Crosland: Butterfly Promises (21st June) 3/5
38. Debbie Macomber: 6 Rainier Drive (28th June) 4/5

39. Jennifer Lynn Jones: Faith and the Camp Snob (13th July) 2/5
40. Louise May Alcott: Kate’s Choice (15th July) 3/5
42. Julie Kagawa: The Iron Knight (16th July) 4/5
43. Kate Morton: The Distant Hours (20th July) 5/5
44. Jane Green: Got You Back (29th July) 3/5

45. Brooke Moss: The What-If Guy (5th August) 4/5
46. Mary Nichols: The Summer House (9th August) 5/5
47. Emma Donoghue: Room (20th August) 4/5

48. Rachel Hore: The Glass Painter’s Daughter (4th September) 5/5
49. Beth Redman: God Knows My Name (4th September) 5/5
50. Terry Pratchett: Unseen Academicals (11th September) 4/5

51. Lindsey Kelk: I Heart New York (2nd October) 3/5
52. Terry Pratchett: I Shall Wear Midnight (15th October) 4/5
53. Jenny Colgan: Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe (26th October) 5/5

54. Lindsey Kelk: I Heart Hollywood (17th November) 3/5
55. Jeff Kinney: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (27th November) 4/5

56. Rachel Hore: A Gathering Storm (7th December) 4/5
57. Donna Tartt: The Secret History (30th December) 4/5


Total: 126

1. Terry Pratchett: The Truth
2. Terry Pratchett: The Last Hero
3. Toby Litt: Beatnix
4. Emily Bronte: Agnes Grey
5. Katy Gardner: The Mermaid’s Purse
6. Val Andrews: Sherlock Holmes and the Brighton Pavilion Mystery
7. Nora Roberts: Dream Makers
8. Adeline Yen Mah: Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society
9. Robert Swindells: Snapshot

10.Amanda Grange: Lord Deverill’s Secret
11. Terry Pratchett: The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
12. Kate Morton: The Forgotten Garden
13. Elisabeth Hyde: In The Heart of the Canyon
14. Charlaine Harris: Grave Secret

15. Sheila O’Flanagan: Yours, Faithfully
16. Mark Twain: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
17. Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden
18. Kader Abdolah: My Father’s Notebook
19. Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights
20. Miriam Toews: A Complicated Kindness
21. Roald Dahl: Esio Trot
22. Roald Dahl: The Magic Finger
23. Roald Dahl: The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me
24. Kathleen Kent: The Heretic’s Daughter
25. A. A. Milne: The Complete Winnie the Pooh
26. Jerome K. Jerome: Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog)

27. L. Frank Baum: The Wizard of Oz
28. Roald Dahl: George’s Marvellous Medicine
29. Terry Pratchett: Night Watch
30. Sheila O’Flanagan: Maggie’s Story
31. Terry Pratchett: Thief of Time
32. Wendy Virgo: The Prophetess
33. Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Little Princess
34. Aravind Adiga: The White Tiger
35. Susan Coolidge: What Katy Did
36. Philippa Gregory: The White Queen
37. Sharon Owens: The Revenge of the Wedding Planner

38. John Piper: Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Save
39. Sarah Dessen: Just Listen
40. Vikas Swarup: Q & A
41. Nicholas Sparks: The Choice
42. Jessica Green: The Diary of a Would-Be Princess
43. Terry Pratchett: The Wee Free Men
44. Dorothy Koomson: The Ice-Cream Girls
45. Neil Gaimon: Stardust
46. Mary Naylus: The Dresskeeper
47. Erica James: The Queen of New Beginnings
48. Sarah Dessen: The Truth About Forever

49. Nicholas Sparks: The Last Song
50. Terry Pratchett: Monstrous Regiment
51. Nicholas Sparks: The Wedding
52. Meg Cabot: Size 12 is Not Fat
53. Nick Hornby: The Complete Polysyllabic Spree
54. Alice Hoffman: Incantation
55. Wendy Virgo: Life Issues
56. Stephenie Meyer: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
57. Voltaire: Candide
58. Sarah Dessen: Lock and Key
59. Sylvia Plath: The Bell Jar
60. Terry Pratchett: A Hat Full of Sky
61. Kate Harrison: Old School Ties
62. Debbie Macomber: 44 Cranberry Point
63. Matt Beaumont: E
64. Judy Blume: Forever
65. Rachel Hore: The Memory Garden
66. Elizabeth Noble: The Girl Next door

67. Debbie Macomber: 50 Harbour Street
68. Melanie Ray: The Great Destruction Book 1
69. Terry Pratchett: Going Postal
70. Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
71. Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
72. Nick Hornby: About a Boy
73. Allison van Diepen: The Oracle of Dating
74. James Patterson: Maximum Ride #1: The Angel Experiment
75. Sarah Dessen: Along For The Ride
76. L. K. Madisan: The Mermaid’s Mirror
77. Francine Rivers: Redeeming Love
78. Andrew Oberg: Randolph’s One Bedroom
79. Stephen Chobsky: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
80. Sarah Dessen: Last Chance
81. John Connolly: The Book of Lost Things
82. Lyn Andrews: A Daughter’s Journey
83. Jim Beavis: The Brighton Races
84. Jane Green: Second Chance

85. Jandy Nelson: The Sky is Everywhere
86. Iain McGowen: The Spirit of Brighton and Hove
87. John Huddlestone: The Brighton Story
88. Sarah Dessen: That Summer
89. James S. Gray: Brighton: Between The Wars
90. Julie Kagawa: The Iron King
91. Mary Julia Young: A Summer at Brighton
92. Julie Kagawa: The Winter Passage
93. H. M. Moriarty: Brighton in an Uproar
94. Sebastian Fitzek: Therapy
95. Dorothy Koomson: Goodnight, Beautiful
96. Jane Eagland: Wildthorn
97. Catherine Chisnell: Descending
98. Julie Kagawa: The Iron Daughter
99. Julie Crabtree: The Crepe Makers’ Bond
100. Max Lucado: A Cast of Characters – book 100!
101. Mathias Malzieu: The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

102. Terry Pratchett: Thud!
103. Alison van Diepen: The Oracle Rebounds
104. Neil Gaiman: The Graveyard Book
105. Jack Hywel-Davies: Baptised by Fire
106. Lindsay Faith Rech: It Started With a Dare
107. Nicholas Sparks: Dear John
108. Andrew Wilson: GodStories
109. E. M. Forster: A Room With a View


110. Bill Hybels: To Busy Not to Pray
111. Roald Dahl: James and the Giant Peach
112. Terry Virgo: God’s Lavish Grace


113. Terry Pratchett: Wintersmith
114. Noel Piper: Do You Want a Friend?
115. Eleanor H. Porter: Pollyanna
116. Sarah Dessen: Someone Like You
117. Julie Kagawa: The Iron Queen
118. Jackie Morse Kessler: Hunger
119. Katie Fford: Practically Perfect
120. Ben Elton: Meltdown
121. Katherine Howe: The Lost Book of Salem
122. Philip K. Dick: The Father Thing

123. Amy Holder: The Lipstick Laws
124. Nicholas Sparks: Safe Haven
125. Rob Parsons: What They Didn’t Teach Me in Sunday School
126. Karen Hart: Butterflies in May


Total: 145

Nicholas Sparks: The Notebook 1/1/2009
Joyce Meyer: The Power of Simple Prayer 7/1/2009
Jennifer Lauck: Blackbird 8/1/2009
Thomas Hardy: Far From the Madding Crowd 11/1/2009
Darlene Zschech: The Kiss of Heaven 11/1/2009
Cecelia Ahern: Where Rainbows End 14/1/2009
Terry Pratchett: Equal Rites 15/01/2009
Sophie Kinsella: Confessions of a Shopaholic 17/01/2009
Terry Pratchett: Mort 19/01/2009
Don Piper: Heaven is Real 20/01/2009
Terry Pratchett: Sourcery 22/01/2009
Elizabeth Noble: Alphabet Weekends 25/01/2009
Jane Austen: Lady Susan 27/01/2009
Linda Gillard: Emotional Geology 28/01/2009

Elizabeth Noble: Things I Want My Daughter’s To Know 2/02/2009
Marian Keyes: This Charming Man 3/02/2009
Debbie Macomber: Back on Blossom Street 8/02/2009
John Bunyan: The Pilgrim’s Progress 11/02/2009
Terry Pratchett: Wyrd Sister’s 13/02/2009
Harriet Evans: Going Home 17/02/2009
Tam Dalyell: One Man’s Falklands 19/02/2009
Clemency Burton-Hill: The Other Side of the Stars 21/02/2009
Kate Harrison: The Secret Shopper’s Revenge 24/02/2009
Terry Pratchett: Pyramids 24/02/2009
Tim Keegan: Facing the Storm 24/02/2009
J. K. Rowling: The Tales of Beedle the Bard 26/02/2009
Sophie Kinsella: Shopaholic Abroad 28/02/2009

Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter 3/03/2009
Nora Roberts: Blue Smoke 4/03/2009
J. D. Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye 6/03/2009
Terry Pratchett: Guards! Guards! 6/03/2009
Sophie Kinsella: Can You Keep a Secret? 9/03/2009
Stephenie Meyer: Twilight 11/03/2009
J. M. Barrie: Peter Pan 14/03/2009
Stephenie Meyer: New Moon 14/03/2009
Alice Kuipers: Life on the Refrigerator Door 16/03/2009
Stephenie Meyer: Eclipse 17/03/2009
Debbie Macomber: The Shop on Blossom Street 17/03/2009
Philippa Gregory: The Constant Princess 22/03/2009
C.S. Lewis: The Horse and His Boy 23/03/2009
Terry Pratchett: Eric 25/03/2009
Stephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn 30/03/2009

C.S. Lewis: Prince Caspian 03/04/2009
Eleanor Moran: Stick or Twist 04/04/2009
Terry Pratchett: Moving Pictures 05/04/2009
Debbie Macomber: A Good Yarn 07/04/2009
Terry Pratchett: Reaper Man 10/04/2009
C.S. Lewis: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 11/04/2009
Dorothy Koomson: My Best Friend’s Girl 16/04/2009
Sophie Kinsella: Shopaholic Ties the Knot 20/04/2009
Ginni Otto: Walking With God 22/04/2009
Edward Marston: Murder on the Brighton Express 24/04/2009
Charlaine Harris: Grave Sight 27/04/2009
Terry Pratchett: Witches Abroad 29/04/2009

Valerie King: A Brighton Flirtation 01/05/2009
Charlaine Harris: Grave Surprise 03/05/2009
Debbie Macomber: Thursdays at Eight 05/05/2009
Terry Pratchett: Small Gods 10/05/2009
Val Biro: Gumdrop on the Brighton Run 11/05/2009
W. H. Ainsworth: Old Court Volume 1 15/05/2009
Charlaine Harris: An Ice Cold Grave 17/05/2009
Tim Keller: The Prodigal God 17/05/2009
Kathy Reichs: Bones to Ashes 19/05/2009
Charlaine Harris: Dead Until Dark 24/05/2009
Mitch Albom: For One More Day 27/05/2009

Graham Greene: Brighton Rock 01/06/2009
Linwood Barclay: No Time for Goodbye 01/06/2009
Maria Espinosa: Dying Unfinished 05/06/2009
Glen Chandler: Savage Tide 11/06/2009
Charlaine Harris: Living Dead in Dallas 11/06/2009
Elizabeth Noble: The Tenko Club 12/06/2009
Terry Pratchett: Lords and Ladies 13/06/2009
Kate Jacobs: Knit Two 14/06/2009
Sharon Owens: The Teahouse on Mulberry Street 19/06/2009
Jill Mansell: Head Over Heels 22/06/2009
Elizabeth Mahlou: Blest Atheist 28/06/2009

Simon van Booy: Love Begins in Winter 1/07/2009
Elizabeth Garner: The Ingenious Edgar Jones 10/07/2009
Patience Swift: The Last Good Man 10/07/2009
Jennifer Laurens: Heavenly 14/07/2009
Angela Young: Speaking of Love 18/07/2009
Terry Pratchett: Men at Arms 22/07/2009
H. G. Wells: The Time Machine 23/07/2009
Robert Louis Stevenson: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 25/07/2009
Dorothy Koomson: The Chocolate Run 28/07/2009
Bernhard Schlink: The Reader 30/07/2009
Mitch Albom: The Five People You Meet in Heaven 31/07/2009

Emma Tennant: Pemberley 06/08/2009
Lisa Jewell: 31 Dream Street 11/08/2009
Cecelia Ahern: PS I Love You 19/08/2009
Sophie Kinsella: The Undomestic Goddess 23/08/2009
Zoe Heller: Notes on a Scandal 26/08/2009
Wilkie Collins: The Moonstone 28/08/2009

Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society 01/09/2009
Peggy Elliott: A Small Part of History 07/09/2009
Mark Driscoll: The Radical Reformission 07/09/2009
Kate Mosse: The Cave
Joyce Meyer: Expect a Move of God…Suddenly 09/09/2009
Janice Y. K. Lee:The Piano Teacher 10/09/2009
Terry Pratchett: Interesting Times 11/09/2009 – book 100 in 2009!!!
Terry Pratchett:Maskerade 16/09/2009
Dorothy Koomson:Marshmallows for Breakfast 18/09/2009
Sue Eckstein:The Cloths of Heaven 22/09/2009
C. S. Lewis: The Silver Chair 24/09/2009
Harlan Coben:Hold Tight 29/09/2009
C. S. Lewis:The Last Battle 30/09/2009

Cornelia Funke: Inkheart 02/10/2009
Debbie Macomber: Twenty Wishes 02/10/2009
Kate Jacobs: Comfort Food 04/10/2009
Sophie Kinsella: Shopaholic and Baby 09/10/2009
Julia Gregson: East of the Sun 12/10/2009
Jonathon Tropper: How to Talk to a Widower 13/10/2009
Terry Pratchett: Feet of Clay 17/10/2009
Jill Mansell: Rumour Has It 20/10/2009
Debbie Macomber: Summer on Blossom Street 26/10/2009
Mitch Albom: Tuesdays with Morrie 28/10/2009
Eva Rice: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets 30/10/2009

Debbie Macomber: 16 Lighthouse Road 02/11/2009
Erica James: It’s The Little Things 03/11/2009
Khaled Hosseini: A Thousand Splendid Suns 05/11/2009
Lola Jaye: By The Time You Read This 08/11/2009
Wendy Virgo: Influential Women 12/11/2009
Debbie Macomber: Old Boyfriends 16/11/2009
Terry Pratchett: Jingo 18/11/2009
Terry Pratchett: The Last Continent 23/11/2009
Sheila O’Flanagan: Destinations 23/11/2009
Terry Pratchett: Carpe Jugulum 26/11/2009
Debbie Macomber: 204 Rosewood Lane 26/11/2009
Debbie Macomber: 411 Pelican Court 30/11/2009
Richard Sickelmore: History of Brighton and its environs 30/11/2009

Rose Collis: Boozy Brighton 01/12/2009
Janet Cameron: Brighton and Hove Murders and Misdemeanours 03/12/2009
Terry Pratchett: The Fifth Elephant 04/12/2009
John Grisham: Skipping Christmas 06/12/2009
Charles Dickens: The Chimes 08/12/2009
Brighton: Holidays at Brighton 09/12/2009
Joanna Trollope: Second Honeymoon 09/12/2009
Terry Pratchett: The Hogfather 11/12/2009
C. S. Lewis: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 12/12/2009
Mariam Toews: The Flying Troutmans 14/12/2009
Cecelia Ahern: If You Could See Me Now 17/12/2009
Richard Anderson: The Wonderful Adventure of Uncle Wizard 18/12/2009
Debbie Macomber: Christmas in Seattle 20/12/2009
Honore de Balzac: Vendetta 23/12/2009
Terry Pratchett: Soul Music 31/12/2009

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