Naturally Supernatural by Wendy Mann


This is a brilliant, practical and well written book to help us Christians love out our calling on the earth.

Wendy Mann is a great author. I am always cautious when starting a Christian theological book. I often find them heavy and to be honest, dull instead of inspiring. This was not the case with Naturally Supernatural. Written in an engaging way, drawing on what the bible says and her own experiences, Mann has written an accessible book about how we can see God’s kingdom come on earth.

I highlighted so many passages in this book. I connected with the writing, I was excited as I read through it, and I have enjoyed discussing this book at church. I have been challenged and pushed by this book, and personally have started to step out in my walk with Christ as a result of reading this. Would I have prayed for my friend who was in pain last week having not read this book and remembered the command that this is what we are called to do? Probably not. Mann has pointed me back to Jesus, back to what he did on earth, and given many tips on how to live out this ministry.

I have found this book so helpful. It is honest, it is practical, it is backed with biblical truth – it is so worth reading!

5 out of 5

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