Monday’s Trip to the Library


Now I think I was a good girl yesterday when I went to the library. Not only did I return more books than I took out, but there was a book sale on, where every book was 20p, but I didn’t even look. Yay for me… I think!

Haha! I did however take out 3 books:

Kate Harrison: Old School Ties – chick-lit 🙂
Alison Weir: Innocent Traitor – historical fiction 🙂
Cora Harrison – Michaelmas Tribute – historical crime 🙂

So my library shelf now looks like this:

Not too many there! I do have more out, but they are in a bag ready to go back to the library – which depending on  how good this afternoon’s football is might be today!

These are the library books that I am currently reading and enjoying:

I love my local library – do you?

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