Maggie’s Story by Sheila O’Flanagan (Quick Read)


Waterstones Synopsis:

Maggie is forty-three years old and looking for romance. She loves her husband, but his idea of romance is a couple of drinks at the local and an early night at home. Her children think she’s too old to care, but a chance meeting changes all that.

This is a Quick Read Book and is less than 100 pages long. It is chick-lit and enjoyable, but in my opinion it is too short. The story follows Maggie who is getting fed up with life, and soon she snaps.

To be honest, this is OK but it is not long enough so it was hard to connect with the characters. I felt sorry for Maggie but I didn’t get to know her very well and I didn’t get to know her family. The Quick Reads are a good idea for someone to dip into reading but as someone who loves to read I was left wanting more.

I like O’Flanagan as an author. She is engaging and fun, and she is a great chick-lit author. Other books of hers that I have read I really enjoyed. If this was made into a full length novel it would be a good read.

If you want a short book to read, a nice girly book this will do, but it not amazing.

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