Lauren Willig Challenge


This is a historical novel challenge. I love history and saw this challenge and thought I would give it a go. This challenge is being hosted by Lizzie at Historically Obsessed. There are eight levels to this challenge but I’ve scouted around and the library only has four of these novels, so that is the level I am aiming for. The levels are:

Eighth Level: Orchid
Seventh Level: Mistletoe
Sixth Level: Lily
Fifth Level: Jasmine
Fourth Level: Rose
Third Level: Ring
Second Level: Tulip
First Level: Carnation
I have created a challenge page, so check out my progress there ๐Ÿ™‚
Just a note: I have reserved the first book from the library, so I hope to get going soon!

3 thoughts on “Lauren Willig Challenge”

  1. Hi Katie thank you for posting about the challenge I am glad you entered. Now that we found each other I am so following you and added you to all my other sites too. Have fun reading I plan on getting a few down in the summer.

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