Inkheart by Cornelia Funke



Synopsis from Amazon:

Meggie is the daughter of a revered bookbinder called Mo whose peaceful existence is one night shattered by the arrival of Dustfinger–a shadowy man with a mysterious link to Mo’s past. Mo and Meggie are soon on the move, running from something that threatens everything they hold dear. But the past inevitably catches up with them and Mo is forced to reveal to his daughter for the first time his terrible secret. He has the ability, or curse, to breathe life into any story he reads and make the characters come alive. Just such a character, the sinister Capricorn, is after Mo to ensure that he stays alive and is never returned to the pages from which he was sprung. And, of course, he’ll stop at nothing to guarantee success.

This is the first book in the Inkheart trilogy, and enjoyable enough that I will be reading the next in the series. This book was full of adventure and excitement. I love the idea of being able to read characters out of a book, and I enjoyed seeing how the said characters developed in the real world.

This book is classed as young person’s book, but I found it very readable and gripping. Funke writes a great story with twists and turns and some great characters. I loved Meggie’s great aunt best. I would love a book collection as big as hers and she just made me laugh!

I didn’t read this quickly however. I was enjoying the book but it was a slow read. However, that didn’t put me off the story at all. I loved the concept, I loved the quotes from other books at the beginning of each chapter, I loved all the characters – even the ones I didn’t like; this was a good fun read that I think adults should read as well.


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