History of Brighton and its environs by Richard Sickelton


I have read this book for my dissertation and it gives a clear and concise history of Brighton, England. There is a lot of science in the book as well as history, which I found helpful. He explains how the air and the seawater were seen as a cure in great detail, and I feel I now have a better understanding of why Brighton was able to flourish when Dr. Richard Russell came to town with his seawater cure.

Sickelton has clearly done a lot of research for this book. His descriptions of the Royal Pavilion and St. Nicholas Church for example are in great depth and take several pages. His descriptions are such that it makes you think you are really there looking around at the architecture.

This book is written in 1827 and I found it on Google books. I read it one day and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I also was surprised at the language and how I was able to understand most of it! I have found this an interesting and useful read.


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