Happy Families by Adele Parks



Synopsis from Amazon:

Lisa is forty-two, divorced and a mum of three. For the past year, Lisa has been going out with Mark, who is five years younger than her. Lisa really likes him but she worries that one day he will leave – just like her ex-husband did. On top of everything else, Lisa feels really tired and moody, and has put on weight. She thinks it’s the menopause but could there be another reason for how she’s feeling? Lisa’s life is about to change in a big way but does she want Mark by her side? Does he even want to be there? With the help of her family and friends, Lisa starts to believe that a second chance of love and happiness might just be possible.

This was a fun quick read. I enjoyed this book however I didn’t find the menopause story line convincing. Being 42 she should have been more clued up. The problem with the Quick Reads is that they aren’t long enough to get in touch with the characters however, I did get emotionally involved with the lead character Lisa, just not the others. It was interesting briefly exploring family dynamics and how people punish others for other people’s mistakes. It was nice to see a happy ending and everything resolved. It was an easy read and I read the book in one day. I would love to read this story in a full novel, there is potential here for a great book. A good, quick read!


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