Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris


Waterstones Synopsis:

When she was 15, Harper Connelly was struck by a bolt of lightning, which left her with a spiderweb of red over her body, headaches, and episodes of weakness. Sometimes her right hand shakes. And she can find dead people. It’s taken a while, but at last Harper’s pretty happy with her life: she’s making a living, using her unique talent to help people, and she’s got a lover – her stepbrother Tolliver. That creeps some people out, but though they grew up together, and got each other through the real bad times – their parents’ drug-use, the abuse, the disappearance of Harper’s elder sister Cameron – they’re not blood relatives. Then Tolliver’s dad arrives on the scene, seeking forgiveness for the sins of their youth, and the police get a tip-off that after all these years, Cameron’s been spotted in a mall. With all this going on Harper realises life is getting a little complicated, but she doesn’t expect those complications to include Tolliver getting shot, or watching a cop die taking a bullet for her. Harper can find dead people, but now it’s clear someone wants her dead …

This is the fourth book in Charlaine Harris’ Harper Connelly Series. This book is just as good as the other three, with Harper starting the book by finding a dead body. However, what she uncovers makes some very unhappy. This book is slightly different from the previous novels because there is more emphasis on her family and her childhood. A large chunk of this book focuses on her search for her missing sister Cameron and with dealing with issues in her past.

Like with the previous novels I was gripped from the beginning and thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was not my favourite but that is because I would have liked more focus on her occupation. That said, the mystery surrounding those who wanted her dead did make a good read and there was no lack of action in the book. There were a couple of twists, one I saw coming, the other I did not.

As ever I liked Harper and I thought she grew up a lot in this book. She came to some realisations concerning family and her little sisters which showed a lot of maturity. I didn’t like her new relationship with Tolliver – I preferred them as brother and sister; but everything else I liked reading about.

This is fast-paced and action packed. There are mysteries and serious issues well dealt with in my opinion. The story seems to be concluded in this book, but hopefully Harris will write more. I love this series and highly recommend it. This is well worth reading.


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