Going Home by Harriet Evans



Home should be a place where you can relax, escape your worries and hide away in comfort with your family. Not for Lizzy Walters, where a summer at home means juggling family secrets and confronting old flames. Some families warm your heart. Lizzy’s makes her head spin. Home – For most it’s a place of calm and safety. For Lizzy Walter, things are a bit more complicated. Keeper House – a cherished old place deep in the countryside – has always been the heart of the Walter’s universe. There, Lizzy can escape from her London life and ease her heart and mind. But trouble is on the horizon. For a start, her entire family are hiding something. Then the Love of Her Life makes an unexpected reappearance – just when she thought she was starting to get over him. And now Keeper House itself is in peril. By the time the Walters gather for a summer wedding, the stakes have never been higher – for Lizzy, for her family and for love!

This is the first Harriet Evans book I have read and I enjoyed it. This is a chick-lit book like many others. However, although similar to other books in this genre that did not spoil the book. This book follows Lizzie through heartbreak, possible loss of the house she grew up in, work and family secrets. The book had me hooked and I am glad I read it. 🙂 Possible predicting ending, but a fun book. I liked how my opinion of the characters changed as more of the story unfolded and I liked the hint of history and heritage, this added a different depth to the book that other chick-lit books don’t have.

My favourite character was Tom. He is Lizzie’s cousin and a lovely, often humorous character. His big confession was great! He looked out for his cousins and friends, great guy.

I loved Evan’s descriptions of Keeper House, what a lovely place. I want to live there! I could picture it and the surrounding area. Evan’s wrote in a wonderful way that I thoroughly enjoyed.

There was a noticeable amount of swearing in the book, and everyone seemed to smoke, but other than that I can’t think of any complaints.

If you like chick-lit books, you will really enjoy this. It is not overly cheesy, and the story kept me engaged. This was a great book 🙂


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