George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl


Waterstones Synopsis:

George’s grandma is a grizzly, grumpy, selfish old woman with pale brown teeth and a small puckered-up mouth like a dog’s bottom. Four times a day she takes a large spoonful of thick brown medicine, but it doesn’t seem to do her any good. She’s always just as horrid after she’s taken it as she was before. So when George is left alone to look after her one morning, it’s just the chance he needs…

I loved this book! In my opinion this is one of Roald Dahl’s best books. Even though it is a children’s book, as an adult I really enjoyed it. The story is about George who is fed up with his bossy, grumpy Gran, so he mixes his own medicine which he gives to her.

Dahl is an incredible writer, and Quentin Blake is a fabulous illustrator. His pictures just complete the book and make the story come to life. Here is an example of his work, taken from a current exhibition:

George’s character is great fun. His imagination is wild. The ingredients he puts into his medicine are insane and very funny to read. I loved the outcome, it was genius! I think my favourite character however was his Dad. Instead of being concerned about his mother-in-law he wanted George to re-create the medicine so they could sell it!

There is so much fun and humour in this book. As it is a children’s book it did not take to long to read – it isn’t very long. So I recommend if you have a spare half hour, spend it reading this. It will not be time wasted!


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