Entertaining Angels by Joanna Bell



Joshua Gilfoyle has decided there are two things he wants from life before he dies: to find his lost son and to commission an artist to produce his lasting legacy – a new angel for Foxbarton church. His family can’t understand why he’s already bidding his life farewell, but Joshua is not a man used to opposition. However Julia, the artist he’s employed, doesn’t believe in angels – unlike her daughter Hebe. Although she’s desperate for the commission, she’s frightened her artistic inspiration has run dry and is beginning to wonder whether making the angel is beyond her ability. But as Hebe’s extraordinary gift begins to affect everyone around her, including even irascible old Joshua himself, there seems to be more than a touch of magic in the air as the mysteries of the past finally begin to reveal themselves…

This is a lovely book. I loved it. Bell addresses the issues of angels, autism and family. She wrote so well, the issues were all delicately dealt with, even the old-fashioned view of mental health. To write about autism and the different views people have on it was brave, but done so well. There are so many stereotypes surrending autism, and Bell raises them and deals with them, setting the record straight.

I loved Julia and Hebe. Julia’s passion and firey character were well written and I felt I connected with her. When she was betrayed and angry, I felt those emotions as well. Hebe I just wanted to hug. She was an angel, I loved her.

There was comedy in this book too, and I often found myself laughing out loud.

My only problem with this book was the emphasis on sex. There was a lot of sex in this book, I didn’t like that.

The story was great and easy to read. I did see the twist coming but that didn’t upset me. I really enjoyed this book.


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