Deluded by Dawkins? by Andrew Wilson



This book is a Christian response to Richard Dawkin’s “The God Delusion“. At first glance one would think it will completely bash Dawkins’ book, but it isn’t like that. Yes Wilson does point out where Dawkins’ is wrong and the flaws in his book, however he does give credit where it is due. Wilson is clear that this is a debate which will rage for years to come, and an issue that should be debated. He talks about what a good writer Dawkins is and gives him all the credit he is due.

As mentioned, this is a Christian response to the debate. Wilson used theologians and the Bible to back up his argument. He uses different styles and techniques to explain where Dawkins went wrong, such as how he does not talk about the resurrection of Christ and how a lot of his arguments don’t actually prove there is no God.

I found this a relatively easy and interesting book to read. It is only 112 pages long and there are some pages were the foot notes are longer than the actual paragraphs! This is an informative book which gives another side of the argument to the question of God and whether He exists.

My only criticism was the final chapter, which I did not find easy to read. The debate was centred around evolution and there were a lot of facts and figures I could not get my head around as science is not something I really understand.  Apart from that, it was a good, short, detailed book, which presents another side to this ongoing argument.


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  1. Re Deluded by Dawkins by Andrew Wilson, found science ok for me, have a degree in science, I am a practicing Christian, but found Andrew book confusing, since lost the track of some of his arguments, with all those foot notes, at lost the plot completely at times, even after a second reading, found though he prob knows his stuff, he does not put pen to paper very clear, for a simple man to read.

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