Book News: UN Declares Book Lists a Violation


Have you ever received a reading list? Maybe even a summer reading list? I did, and I loved them! But the UN and American high school students don’t it seems.

Louise Arbour has been quoted as saying: “Children should be free to play while the sun is shining. If they want to take a book to the beach, fine, but don’t keep them cooped up in a musty old library all day reading ‘My Friend Flicka’.”

I think that is outrageous. Do the kids actually read all the books on them lists anyway? U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is with me on this. It is ridiculous to say that these lists are a violation of human rights. And if the children don’t want to read them, fine, it is them that are missing out. I think this is a step too far by the UN.


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