Blackbird by Jennifer Lauck


blackbirdSynopsis from Amazon:

The house on Mary Street, Carson City, Nevada is the only place five-year-old Jennifer Lauck will ever call home. It’s where the sky is deep blue, forever blue, and there are almost never any clouds up there. It’s where Jennifer lives with her older brother B.J., her father and mother, and their two cats Moshe and Diane. It should be a perfect, peaceful childhood – but Jennifer’s mother is ill, very ill, and a childhood is the last thing Jennifer is going to be allowed.

Oh my word, what a sad book. I read this book in three sittings. It is such a good book, but so powerful and moving. This story follows Jennifer through from the age of 5 to the age of 12. The best way to describe it is like a real like Snow White story – with the death of the parents and the evil step mother.

Jennifer is an amazing girl. She has grown up too fast, had to deal with all sorts of horrid things, yet she is strong and able to look after herself. I can only admire her. I loved the way the family comes through for her, there is such a strong sense of family, and wanting to be happy in one.

I could have cried at most of this book, I laughed in places, and was thoroughly moved and longed for the best for Jennifer. I was rooting all the time for her.

I adored this book.


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