50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper


This book does exactly what it says in the title: it gives fifty reasons why Jesus came to die. Using the New Testament John Piper explores the many reasons why Jesus not only came to Earth, but chose to die too. Many books have been written surrounding Jesus Christ, and most of the well known ones argue that Jesus and the Bible are nonsense. This book is authored by a man who is a well-known author and pastor, and who believes completely in the Bible (and yes as an aside, I have to say I agree with him). I think it is important not to dismiss this book because the guy believes in God – give it a go like you would a book by Philip Pullman.

This book is easy to read and cut down into short chapters. Every chapter is based on what it says in the Bible. As a Christian I found this a really useful book and well worth reading. If you like this, it is worth noting that a lot of Piper’s books are available online for free. I have found his books useful and would recommend him for his theology, intelligence and his books. This is really worth getting hold of – it explores why Jesus came to die in a Biblical and coherent way.

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