2015 Reading: #12 Santa Montefiore’s Sea of Lost Love


2015 Reading Book 12 – Sea of Lost Love by Santa Montefiore


Celestria Montague always spends her summers at Pendrift Hall, the rambling, shabby mansion adorned with wisteria and clematis that has been home to the Montague family for generations. It is 1958, and the family is celebrating her father’s fiftieth birthday at a lavish ball. The celebratory night ends in death and tragedy, however, and young Celestria learns that the family may lose Pendrift Hall. Her grandfather urges Celestria to play detective, to solve the mysteries surrounding the night’s events, and to save the ancient mansion if at all possible. Her quest takes her to Italy’s rugged and beautiful Puglia, and into the dark, cool cloisters of the Convento di Santa Maria del Mare. Here Celestria meets an enigmatic stranger and confronts unwelcome truths about her family — and herself.

Quick Thoughts:
This is the second novel by Santa Montefiore I have read, and another that I have enjoyed. I found the story engaging and I wanted to solve the mystery. I like Montefiore’s writing style and I like the novels she writes. I like a book that changes location, and although I’ve never been to Italy, I do enjoy novels that are set there. There is more than one storyline that runs throughout this novel and I was gripped from start to finish.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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