Most Abandoned Books


I was flicking through Facebook the other day and came across this:

What an interesting list. So for me…

Top 5 Most Abandoned Books:

The Casual Vacancy – started on holiday in May, not finished it yet. I haven’t abandoned it, I just haven’t picked it up for a few weeks
Fifty Shades of Grey – not started and not interested
Eat, Pray, Love – not started. I have thought about reading this book a few times but never actually done it
Wicked – finished! The review is here. Not a great read but I did make it through. And yes…I read it because I had seen the show, and yes, it is nothing like the show!
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – not started it. My Mum read it and said I wouldn’t like it, so I haven’t gone near it.

Top 5 Most Abandoned Classics:

Catch-22 – I own this book, but not started it. My husband started it a couple of years ago and hasn’t finished it yet…
The Lord of the Rings – I have read all three books! I did put The Two Towers down and pick it back up several months later, and yes there were a difficult read, but I am pleased to say I have read them
Ulysses – not started it
Moby Dick – not started it
Atlas Unplugged – not started it

…to be honest, I don’t read many classics!

How about you? Have you abandoned any of the above books?


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