Cookbook For a New Europe by Richard Segal


Addition: Paperback, review book Genre: Fiction, crime Rating: 1 out of 5 Synopsis: To serve society or humanity? It’s been fourteen years since the basketball-mad detective Fran Obrien captured the urban bomber Lavi, who has since moved to Spain and rehabilitated himself beyond recognition. Fran is fresh off a two-year sabbatical, during which he tended […]

The Truth About Love by Josephine Hart


Addition: Review paperback Rating: 1/5 Synopsis: It’s dangerous …and that’s the truth about love …A young man shields his terrible wounds from his mother; a husband believes he can love his grief-stricken wife back to life; a young girl puts her own life on hold until her family can find their way back from blinding […]

Put Aside: In Southern Waters by Ian Marchant


Synopsis: Robertson Blossom welcomes Caroline Woolfit, a non-smoking vegetarian and wannabe new age traveller into his smoking and meat eating Brighton household. Her new housemates – drum roadies and gay pensioners – have stories of flying babies, reefer madness and Antarctica to tell. I only got as far as page 30 of this book. Story-wise: […]

Put Aside: Glenn Chandler – Dead Sight


Synopsis: As far as Detective Inspector Steve Madden is concerned, the dead don’t speak to anyone. But old childhood memories are stirred when psychic Lavinia Roberts tells him that one of her clients is about to become a killer. When Roberts herself is struck down, Madden is forced to ask the question: did she foresee […]