2014 Reading: #30 Enid Blyton’s Go Ahead, Secret Seven


Book number 30 in 2014 (only 10 more books to go in my Goodreads challenge…!) was Enid Blyton’s Go Ahead, Secret Seven. This is also a challenge read, I am hoping to have read all 15 Secret Seven books by the end of the year. So, 10 more of those to go too!

I read this book in one sitting, in just a couple of hours. I loved it! These are such a fun series. I still don’t like the leader, Peter, but other than that, this was a good read. It was quick, fast paced, and enjoyable. This book included spies, dogs and cellars. I do enjoy being transported back to childhood adventures and for a little while being lost in this secret society, wrapped up in their adventures.

Addition: Paper back
Genre: Children
Published: 1953
Rating: 4 out of 5

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