2014 Reading: #27 Katharine McMahon’s The Crimson Rooms


Book number 27 is Katharine McMahon’s The Crimson Rooms. This isn’t the first novel by McMahon that I have read. Back in 2008 I read The Rose of Sebastopol, which I remember enjoying.

I’ve had The Crimson Rooms on my shelf for a while. This wasn’t part of my TBR Challenge, but I thought I should read it anyway! To be honest, I was surprised at how long it took me. I did read other books alongside it, although I always do that, however I did find this a slow read. I did enjoy this book, but I did have to concentrate and set time aside for it. I did enjoy this glimpse into history though and have in fact given my Mum this book to read.

Addition: Paperback
Genre: Historical fiction
Published: 2009
Rating: 3 out of 5

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